Local family-owned company makes its mark internationally as the ultimate provider of plasticizing technology for demanding applications.

State-of-the-art computer numerical control (CNC) machines.

A one-of-a kind jet-fuel-powered screw-grinding machine.

A proprietary isotropic surface finishing (ISF) system.

Technical expertise recognized across the globe.

These are hallmarks of Zeiger Industries, 4704 Wiseland Ave. SE in Canton.

When Don and Sandi Zeiger founded the company 30 years ago, they didn’t understand the true potential this family-owned business eventually would live up to.

Early in his career, Don worked at Hoover as a process engineer and a manager for injection molding. He developed processes to improve the company’s molding machines.

In the early ’80s, Don began making parts in the corner of a rented building. Sandi served as office manager, took orders and kept the books.

By 1990, Zeiger Industries was born.

Today, Zeiger is known as the ultimate choice for high-performance plasticizing components. The company leads in the design and delivery of injection molding screws, valves, LSR molding components, end caps, nozzles and tips used in the plastics industry.

From development of the original four-piece screw tip to today’s high-performance products, Zeiger has been home of the ultimate plasticizing components for the most demanding applications.

Zeiger collage

Also, Zeiger’s Performance Marine Products division in Huron has earned quite the reputation for its quality high-performance parts for the boating industry.

Don and Sandi’s sons bought Zeiger Industries from them in 2018. Tom is chief executive officer, Steve, who runs the Marine Products division, is chief operating officer and Andy is the engineering manager. The brothers grew up in the business and followed in their parents’ footsteps.

Taylor, Tom’s daughter, is the first member of the third generation involved in the business. She serves as financial manager.

“We lead with technology,” Tom said. “Innovation is in our DNA. We’re committed to fulfilling our customers’ requirements, no matter how demanding the application.”

According to Tom, if a customer needs it, Zeiger Industries will engineer and build it. At Zeiger, capabilities — like products — range from A to Z.

Zeiger’s first product, the Mallard® Z4, is the most reliable trusted valve in the injection molding industry. It sets the standard in engineering, experience and pure physics. Other Zeiger products fit the same mold.

Stan Glover, director of technical sales, joined Zeiger in 1991. He says 2019 was one of the best years ever for the company. But 2020 looks to be a bit more challenging.

“As a technology leader, we’re well positioned,” Glover said. “And we’ll continue to make technological advancements in our industry, as the market will allow.”

Not the low-cost provider in the industry, Zeiger has a solid reputation for performance and value.

Zeiger has a full-blown machine shop that includes everything one would expect to see – mills, lathes and grinding equipment. In the last four years, Zeiger has added three new state-of-the-art Doosan CNC machines that not only shave metal, but also time and cost. Plans call for additional new equipment.

There’s also the jet-fuel-powered screw-grinding machine. And, there’s the top-secret ISF system that results in some of the best finishes ever imagined.

“Our guys design and build our machining equipment,” said Glover. “You might not expect it from a small company on the south side of Canton, but there’s an international wow factor here.”

Zeiger consistently develops new technologies.

At the moment, a new grinding machine, being designed and built by the Zeiger team, sits in process in the facility. Glover says when commissioned, it will send shockwaves throughout the industry.

“It’s a next-gen grinding machine,” said Glover. “It will be faster and stronger and will enable us to machine larger parts.”

Zeiger plays an active role in the global plastics industry. Glover serves as the US TAG Administrator to the ISO TC270 committee, and he’s chairman of the equipment council and a board member of the PLASTICS Industry Association.

He’s has also been involved in working with OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) and MIOSHA (Michigan Occupational Safety & Health Administration) on injection molding machine safety standards.

“We’re very proud that a small, family-run company in Canton is able to play a major role globally in organizations that significantly impact our industry,” Glover said.

Canton born and bred, Zeiger Industries also is proud of its local involvement.

Glover is an annual speaker at the Canton Regional Chamber’s Utica Downstream Summit. Taylor, a former collegiate women’s softball player, instructs young girls on the fine art of pitching.

Zeiger Industries shows no signs of slowing in its quest to remain an international leader in plasticizing components.

Every step forward for Zeiger is a step in the right direction for Stark County.